Who is Jeremy Coates and What this Page is about...

Hi, I’m Jeremy Coates… and if you made it to this page, you must want to get to know me a little more… 
I think this page is probably the hardest pages to write on the internet…
Because it conveys the message to the world of what this site is about.

Only problem is, most people have different perceptions of themselves than other’s do.  Everyone would love to see them self in the light of being righteous and true.  It is for that reason, that I don’t like really talking about myself.  We all try to strive to be better (well, some of us) and in the end, we all would love to think we add value to this world.
In the end, I just want to leave this world a better place than I found it.  I want to help others avoid some of the painful failures I myself have had to go thru,

and I am also one of those people that pours heart in soul into things I believe in, and people I believe in also.

I would like to share here some values and principles that I hold close to my heart, and tell you some short stories.

When you boil me down to the very fabric and foundational principles I believe in, it is 3 things.
Leadership, Customer Value Optimization, Systems.

This Page is my blog site, and I am focused on business and personal development.  The two subjects are almost intertwined with each other. YOU can’t have business development without developing the leaders and people within a business.
You can’t have personal development without changing habits that you do in business.

How you do anything is how you do every thing.  IT Carries over into all aspects of our lives…

I believe that is why I have been studying these principles and subjects most of my adult life.  That is what this Page is about,

That is what I am about.  Business and Personal Development.

The Backstory....
In the Beginning,

There was 'get a good job with benefits...'

Growing up was different back in the 80's.  My Dad was a Marine, Vietnam vet.  Worked for Army Air Force Exchange Service. 

 My mom worked for Banks, including Bank South, Bank of America.   

My Dad wasn't home much due to work, and my mom worked night shift, because back then, 

Checks were a thing, and she processed tons of them.  

My parents were great, in the since that they pushed me and my sister to be the best at everything we did.

  Before I knew better, I just tried to be better than anyone else. 

 I thought that was what was expected of me.  

My parents would argue a lot about money,

 and that put a very strong desire to not have money problems when I got older. 

 I asked my dad back then, ' how do I get rich, so I don't ever have to worry about money?"   

His reply...  'get a good job with benefits'

Sports was my Life until after college

When I was born, I had some minor birth defects, but the doctors told my parents i may never walk.  I was a late walker, but by the time i was 6 i was playing soccer.  When I was 10, I tried out for a Classic soccer team and made it.  It was very fortunate, because at age 10, I was playing for a coach that played professional soccer on the Atlanta Attack.  It was very cool, but really pushed me to become better than I was.  We played teams from all over the country, and even other countries.  I was very proud to be on that team, considering every year for about 5 years about 120 players tried out and only 15 made it.  I felt honored.  

In high school, I started playing football, and seeing that Hines Ward was a year older than me, I wanted to contribute to the school.  They needed a kicker pretty bad, so I felt that I should play.  My senior year , we went 10-0 and i actually kicked a few game winning kicks, Luckily, I never missed any kicks under pressure.

College, I walked on the University of West Georgia, and ended up breaking the higest scoring record in 1998.  We also won our conference Championship my Jr. and Sr. Years.  I had a chance to go to an All-Star Game for Division 2 football, but I figured it was time to hang my cleats up.

Get a Degree If you want Good Job With Benefits They Said...

So, naturally going off of my Dad’s advice, I wanted to go after a degree that would make me rich.  After all, isn’t that why everyone goes to college?  In the hopes and dreams of landing that big job that you get raises every quarter, and just keep getting paid more and more until you retire in a luxury paradise?

Well, I don’t know about you, but that is what I thought, except, sports was my life.  So i majored in Pre-engineering, Computers, Business, Physics and then Chemistry before I realized, College wasn’t there to educate and get you that high paying job.  College was a business like any other.  They wanted to keep kids in there.  In fact, when I was in about year 5, I noticed kids getting the degree in chemistry that I was going after was now going back for Masters Degrees…  I just couldn’t take it any more.  After being in college 6 years, I dropped out about 6 classes short of my degree.

Building a Life on Purpose

When I finished sports and school, I honestly felt like i lost my purpose for a while.  This got me into a lot of trouble.  I was living that Night Lifestyle, partying and taking my early retirement in my mid 20s.  I don’t want to go into the details, but let’s just say, I lost about 10 years of my life because of the bad choices I made.  The only good thing that came out of it, was my desire to success only grew stronger.  I was running a few unter the table businesses and making good money.  Only problem was that it got me into trouble, because there is one sad truth about success.  The more money you make the more problems you will have.  

Personal, Legal, and even Subconscious problems will happen the more you make.
That is what led me into the path of business development.  I got tired of doing well, only to crash when I tried to grow and scale.
I learned a lot of foundational principles in the 90’s and early 2000s about personal development, leadership and sales.  The last 10 or so years, I have become more focused on Marketing, Copywriting, Systems.

A Feeling of Importance

You know that great book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, Dale Carnegie spoke of everyone having a need to feel important.  I feel like that is so true.  Every day, I see so many conflicts arise, and everyone thinks they are right, and they want to feel important.

It took many years of failure for me to realize, at everyone’s core, this truth remains the same.  Everyone thinks they are right. Everyone has a deep feeling  and desire to feel important.

Started my Leadership and Personal Development back in College and thru all of the failures I have went thru.
Sometimes Failure is necessary.  I use to be afraid of failure, until I realized that the Fear of Failure was like being in prison.

How many times do people have a fear of failure, and it keeps them from taking action.
Fear of taking a new job, starting a new business, ending a relationship and starting another one… The list can go on forever…

Sometimes it take’s Risking it all to get what you want in life, and sometimes, we make bad decisions and things don’t work out….

The only way anyone Truely fails, is to stop trying.

What you can Expect out of me, and anything we do together: Business, Fun or Pleasure

I left a few things out about me and my past, but deep personal stories I share later… 

One thing I have learned in my life, I try and do everything the best I can,
being raised by a Marine, and being in sport for half my life, and being in business the other half has taught me some valuable things.

One, nobody is going to give you anything for free.  

If you want something valuable, you have to get out there and work for it.  Sure I believe in attracting what you want, but make no mistake, it takes work.  Even Guarding your mind from negative things and people takes a lot of work, discipline and focus. It won’t be easy.  Prepare your self for hard work, and if it’s easier than you thought, Then you did a great job in preparation and strategic planning.

Two, If you are on a team, it is everyone’s responsibility to perform at 100%.  

Lose as a Team, Win as a Team  100% = 100%  .  There is no 50%-50%. 

Three… There are no messiahs in life. 

 Jesus was the only perfect human being on this planet in the history of the Earth.  We all make mistakes. The true character of a person isn’t about what mistakes they have made, but the Responsibility they take of owning their mistakes after they are made, 

and turning those mistakes into stepping stones.  John Maxwell Taught me this by Failing Forward.

 I am no Different. Neither Are You.

What I am Passionate About, What Jeremy Coates is About.

Let’s Just break it Down and get to the good stuff…  I am very passionate about 3 things. Leadership, Customer Value Optimization and Systems.

This is at the very core of what I have been studying and practicing the last 20 years.  Am I perfect.  Hell No.  Do I have a Strong and Passionate Desire to Succeed.  Heck Yes. 

  In the Great words Of Wallace Wattles, The author of “The Science of Getting Rich” , What I want for myself, I want for Everybody”


Innovative Marketing Trinity

I am 43 years old as I write this about page.  

I have a lot of work left to do.

We only have one shot at living life.  Work your ass off towards something you believe in.  Don’t listen to the Nay-Sayers.  

If you don’t have any haters, that means you aren’t doing anything important. 

“There is only one way of avoiding criticism.  Do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” Aristotle.


If there ever comes a time in your life that you need a real friend, someone that will help you charge hell with a water pistol.  I’m Your Guy.

That’s What I am about.  Like my Dad told me when I was  Boy.

” Be the Best at anything you do son, or don’t even try. “

That is what I am about, and Those are the kind of people that I want to help and Raise up as leaders.  The world Needs you Now. 
What are you waiting For?