3 Types of Systems in Business that You need Everyday

I have been researching and observing systems in business for a long time.
I have boiled them down to 3 main categories.  Each of the 3 categories will have subsystems within it, but you need these 3 categories in each business.

Cash Flow Systems

Cash flow is essential in business. It is the Life blood of the business.  Without cash flow,  a business can’t survive.  It is important to have this category of systems set up immediately in your business.

The first type of system you want in your business is a system for sales.  I know a lot of people will say they need leads before sales, but the marketing should always be set up around your customer value journey or the process that you sale your products and services to your clients.
The biggest mistake I see new business owner’s make is to start spending money on marketing or advertising, and they have no process for their sales yet. They waste a lot of time and money chasing bad leads, or trying to rehash old ones.

When you have your process for your sales setup and you know how you will close the sales at different stages, then you are ready for the next subsystem in your cash-flow system, Marketing systems.

Your systems for marketing will consist of several things, including sales funnels, Lead pages, Check out pages, Blogs, Content production and distribution, and systems for collecting testimonials, referrals and repeat sales.

The goal of this article is not to explain in detail how these cash flow systems work, but the point is, to raise your awareness to the fact that you should consistently be working on building and refining them each and every day.  5 minutes a day is better than nothing.   Just build a plan (book a free strategy call here)

and then run with it.  Any business that has their cash flow systems in place can sustain a lot of trouble and unforeseen issues and over come them.  IF you have shaky cash flow in your business, this is the first systems you will focus on.

Production Systems

Every Business has either products or services that they must deliver after a sale.  Some companies have both.  This is where most companies drop the ball, after a sale is made, and they lose valuable repeat sales that help businesses grow.  I learned this in the remodeling industry first hand with many companies.  The only companies that successfully achieve this in remodeling was the turn key companies like roofers, window companies and other turn key businesses where installs were completed in less than a few days, a week at most.
Production is where you give your customers the best possible experience that you can, because like the famous saying, amateurs worry about the sale, the professionals worry about the repeat business.

Production is project management or customer services as well.  It is the management that gets to deal with all the happy clients after the sale is made, and if done properly, they can convert these happy clients into ragging fans, affiliates and get testimonies and referrals. ( it is also in the marketing and sales section to get referrals and testimonies, but if you don’t make it a requirement in both types of systems, you will not get as good as of a return on your efforts.)

Recruiting and Personal Development Systems

This section of systems are usually the most neglected out of companies.  But every business that wants to grow will have to learn how to recruit and train their teams.  One is too few a number to ever achieve anything great and for you to grow your business to make more impact in other peoples lives, you will need to recruit and train people to handle and run the systems that you are not going to be taking care of yourself.
Typically, you as the business owner, whether you are a coach, consultant or entrepreneur, will be the face of your business.  It is your job to lead the company to grow.  For you to accomplish this, you must have people behind the scenes taking care of the day to day functions that it takes to run your business.

More times than not, Your biggest priorities are Creating more Content to drive the marketing and sales, and also making sure your production is over delivering of your promises made in your marketing and sales campaigns.  Your Mission for your company will help with running your production and also recruiting and training your teams.

The one thing that John Maxwell has taught me, but Experience has really showed me is that you must recruit people with leadership potential.  They must be lifters and not leaners.  When I was younger and dumber, I thought I could take anyone and make them a rockstar..  Not so.
Good leaders will make you a better Leader and business owner.  Rotten Apples will spoil the entire bunch, and weak team mates will eat up a lot of your time and focus from helping lead the team to victory.

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