The Dangerous Truth About Cash Flow That Most People Don’t Talk About

Warren Buffet once said that if you can’t make money while you sleep, you’ll never become financially free.  This is the Dangerous truth about cash flow that most people don’t talk about.

One of the ways that create a type of life that has cashflow coming in while they are sleeping is to have systems that run their business.

Systems are almost a requirement for any business owner to have freedom away from their business.  Systems that help the business do a predictable type of work and create cash flow when the business owner is sleeping, or on vacation, or out giving speeches and networking with other industry leaders.

Cash flow is so important to a business and it’s owner, and the dangerous truth about cash flow that most people don’t talk about is that you must have multiple systems in different areas, and you must have marketing and sales systems, plus the leadership development and team development within your company.

The Innovative Marketing Trinity is a principle that helps tackle this problem.

If you don’t remember, the Innovative Marketing Trinity is a principle that I developed over decades of working in business and reading and studying industry leaders.

20 years ago I used to hear in every industry that everything would rise and fall leadership, I heard that all you needed was a sales funnel, all you needed was systems.  I believed them all… problem was that I started to focus on just one of them, and then my weaknesses became apparent in other areas of my life and business.

It took more than just leadership.  I had to make sales.  It took more than sales, I needed Leads.  It took more than just sales and leads, I had to provide the services that I sold.  It took more than just systems, because I needed the leadership and sales to make the company grow.

This is why I developed the Innovative Marketing Trinity.

There is a Great Quote from Peter Druker that I want to Share.

He says that, “business has only two basic functions, Marketing and Innovation”

Sounded so good, that I named my marketing agency after this quote.

Innovative Marketing Agency.  The problem though, after being in business for 7 years.  I don’t totally agree with his quote.  A business Has many other functions than just 2.  A business has to make sales.  All the marketing in the world doesn’t help if it doesn’t produce sales.

It also has to lead, and raise up other leaders.  It has to train its team.  It has to Recruit the right type of people.  It has to Develop those people in their positions of strengths.  It also has to instill systems that will help automate the business, so that it can run more efficiently and effectively with less money and time.  A business needs a purpose, a dream, and a mission statement that will fire people up…  The business must have a leader, and many leaders within the company.

The business has to have a culture…

“Business Has 2 primary functions.
But not like Peter Druker Says…

Its not just innovatiion and marketing
(like my company’s Name)

Its about this…
To serve 2 groups of people ( It’s clients and leaders that run the business) to their highest capacity,

and to produce as large amount of a cash flow as possible, to achieve the dreams of those 2 groups of people”

That being said.  I respect Peter Drucker.  I don’t disagree with his statement entirely.  After all, I did name my company after this statement.

The Dangerous Truth about Cash Flow that most people don’t talk about…

is that it take Learning and incorporating the Innovative Marketing Trinity in your life and business to effectively build your cash flow the way it needs to be. PERIOD..

I have studied over the last 15 years, all of the biggest companies that made the biggest impact they could in the would,  and the big ones that grew to be very successful and went out of business.

business to me is a lot like War.  So it makes sense to know what you are doing and study history.  The only way you can study business and history is 3 ways.  From a coach or mentor, take some courses or classes, read books and research.  Of course you learn by doing thing, trying and making mistakes, but I think that is sometimes not worth the risk.  You can also go to events and conferences to learn, but I think most conferences are not designed to teach.  They are designed to network and sale more training.

Now, of course, then comes the implementation of what you have learned.
What have you learned about cash flow?

Most people’s training about cash flow is either from getting a paycheck every week or a business that generates revenue.

We all know there are different opinions about cash flow, that having a job is the safest way… but is it really?

Sure, after you have a job, you have  paycheck coming every week… But is it enough?  Does that paycheck support your lifestyle?  Does it provide all of your family’s want’s and needs?

I bet it doesn’t.  And I say this not to hurt you or piss you off.  I just bet it doesn’t.

Your purpose in life depends on you being able to have a life of abundance.  And when you have  J.O.B. more times than not, you have a life that is limited on the amount of money you make.  I only say this because I know what it is like.

I remember going to college, my parents told me if I played sports, they would help me in the bills.  Every off-season I worked.  The summer before my senior year playing football at the University of West Ga, I was 6 points away from breaking the highest scoring record.  All the other players that played my position went to the Miami Dolphins Football camp that summer.

I Couldn’t go.

My parents couldn’t afford it.

So, I stayed in Carrollton that year. I worked in Chicken houses picking up dead chickens from 5am-10 am.  In the after noons I went to Kroger to bag groceries.

Why did I work jobs like this?  Because there were no jobs in a small town with a college and 2 high schools 10 miles apart.

On the Weekends, I would drive home, and work 3- 8 hour shifts in 2 days.

I did this, because I didn’t have cash and I needed it.  I had to trade time for money.

Point of the story is this.  If you are trading time for money, You will NEVER have cash flow.  You have to have systems and leaders running a business for you.  You have to have your money working for you, making a profit, a return.  You have to have assets that you sale, and systems for selling them and distributing them while you sleep.

This is why this Innovative Marketing Trinity is so important.  It is crucial for you and your future.  I have seen other companies try to create cash flow and not use the principles that I teach in the Innovative Marketing Trinity, and they always have a Weakness in the business that they can’t figure out.

Usually they try to scale and grow, and then they over reach their boundaries and have to scale back.  Sure, they have cash flow, but it is not consistent and it is not automated.  It doesn’t continue to pour in if people are not working and getting things done.

The Dangerous Truth about Cash Flow that most people don’t talk about is that It Takes having Leadership, Customer value Optimization Funnel and systems to truly grow a business that runs without you and creates an abundant source of income that grows with or without you.

You have to have a Team of leaders that are as passionate about your business as you are, and are consistently building it when you are not around.  You have to have sales funnels and marketing systems in place that generate leads and sales whether you are trying to get them or not.  You have to have systems that fulfill all of the communications and sales that your marketing and sales systems are producing.

YOU must continue to grow yourself, grow your leaders, your teams, and your life to continue to be blessed with an abundance of Cash Flow.  There is a formula.  The secret is that it is different for everyone.  There is not one size fits all.  Everyone has different resources, skills, and personality traits.  The people who can create cash flow position themself and many other things in a certain order for cash to naturally flow to them.

For you to reach your dreams, fulfill your purpose, and make a positive impact in the world, it will take money, and lots of it.  You are limited to the amount of dreams and goals you can accomplish in life by the amount of cash flow you have.

The Dangerous Truth about Cash Flow that most people don’t talk about… Most people don’t talk about cash flow at all.   The problem is that traditional businesses and how most people structure their company.  They don’t know what they don’t know.  IF you haven’t designed your business and life and the cash flow that you will need, I encourage you to schedule a call…

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