Professional Entrepreneur Shares Secrets For Writing Your Mission Statement

One of the greatest gifts that I could give you, is secrets for writing your mission statement.  Once you nail this down, your entire life will have purpose and meaning.  I know that many companies will have mission statements, and that is great.  It helps rally the troops, get people to back you, it energizes and fires people up.

Today, I want to talk about Your Life Mission statement.  Your purpose for being here.

To start this off, I say that every endeavor should start of with a purpose. Every journey should start with the final destination. Every project should start with the desired outcome. I think this is one of the most overlooked and under talked about exercises, because it is so common sense in society today.

Every great person has a mission. Every great leader has a vision, and that is why it is so important for you to take some time and reflect on the simple mission statement every so often. I think that when people get stressed out, and backslide a little, having a very inspirational and strong mission statement helps get them back on track.

It also helps keep them on track so that they don’t backslide and lose momentum. John Maxwell says that momentum is a leaders best friend, and I couldn’t agree more.

It’s not only important in sports, but also in business. I know I”ve worked with several companies that are growing and sales are improving and it just seems like it is so much easier to grow when you have momentum.

The best example that I can give is like when you are driving where and you take the highway. You are cruising and going 75 on the interstate, there are no red lights, no stop signs, no people crossing the road. That is momentum. That is the type of Momentum your mission statement can give you in your personal life.

When you don’t have a mission statement, and you don’t have momentum, it’s like trying to take a back road, and you are going thru side streets and neighborhoods. You have to stop for kids playing in the road, you have stop signs every so often, so you can’t really get into a good rhythm, and you can’t go but so fast.  You can’t build momentum, and things are frustrating.  Every little problem seems huge.

Momentum lets you blast thru most problems like you don’t even hit a bump in the road…

Secrets for writing your mission statement

If you have all the skills and resources to reach your full potential, what purpose would your life fulfil?  This the first question you must answer. IF you can’t answer this questions, then you don’t need to start building out a business or life plan.  That is why I am different in my mythology.  The innovative Marketing Trinity is based on 3 areas.  I believe that personal development is crucial and you must take the first step in finding your purpose before you funnel hack, research, find a strong market, or any of that stuff.  Don’t chase paper. Chase your Dream.  If you don’t have a dream, then the money will never be enough.  Trust me…

I made this mistake, (multiple times) in my life.  I would do what other people told me I should do.  I would go in one direction because someone said I was good at something.  Problem was that, I was good at a lot of things.  My Dad raised me with that mentality to be the best at everything I did, or don’t do it at all.

That was a blessing and a curse.  It led me down a lot of wrong roads and in careers that I shouldn’t have been in.  Today, I don’t regret all of the things that I have tried.  It was required for me to get the experience that I have today.

A lot of the mistakes that I have made were necessary for me to give you these secrets for writing your mission statement.

Your Mission Will Change

Every now and then, you will feel as if your mission is starting to come together. You will Feel as if your mission is almost complete.  This only happens later on in life after probably many years of working hard towards a certain mission, but nonetheless it will happen.

I know I never thought that mission statements were designed to be achieved. I thought they were meant to inspire and motivate and keep people moving in one direction. But over the last decade, and after achieving many things in failing in many other areas, it becomes clear that sometimes your mission statements will change.  Designing your mission statement is something that you will want to look at every year.

Because your perspective and awareness levels will change.  You  will become better equipped and more able to achieve larger and harder things.  You mission statement is not your conclusion statement for your life.  It is more as of a Chapter title for a small piece of your life.

When you look at mission statements this way, they become more fun and you have more fun designing your mission statement.

Just imagine.  Each mission statement becomes bigger and bigger.  At first, It probably only focuses on you and your company.  Possibly the people who you serve or your family.  The larger you grow, spiritually, professionally and personally, the larger your mission statement will become.

Your Purpose and Mission Must Be Clear

I love that so many people are starting to see the benefits of clarity.  I know I had problems with this in my younger

years, and usually when I am struggling with a project or an objective, I realize that my plans are not clear enough.  Clarity is so key.

If you are having problems with finding your purpose, I encourage you to go back and check out on of my earlier post on finding your purpose.  When you have clarity, the forces of the universe will be on your side.  Just imagine when you go out to a large company, and you read their mission statement.  It is very long and vague…  It is written more to sound good than to convey a very clear picture.

If you can’t visually see your Mission statement in your mind, then you may have  a little more work to do.  Being able to visually see your mission statement, the vision of what that looks like when you achieve it is helpful when others read it also.

Secrets for Writing Your Mission Statement

If you have made it this far, I saved the best for last.  Writing your mission statement for you is probably one of the most rewarding things that you can do, because it helps you when you are going thru hard times.

So, let’s make this fun.  I learned some of this from Jack Canfield, and I have to give him Credit.

I want you to get out 4 pieces of paper. The first piece of paper I want you to write out 30 things you would like to have.  The second piece of paper, write out things you would like to do.   The third piece of paper I want you to write out 30 things you would like to be.

Now, this will probably take some time.  In fact. It is better if you take your time writing these lists out.  Sometimes when you are reading or working on something, an idea will come to mind.  The best idea is to try to work on this early in the morning and late in the evening.

During the day, you’ll get great ideas, just make sure you can write them down.  Once you get a solid 30 for each of the 3 categories.  This is the fun part.  You will practice writing out your mission statement.

Your Mission Statement will include some of the items on your lists.  Completing those 3 lists will help make sure your mission statement is moving you towards your higher purpose.  Jack Canfield calls them purpose statements and he mentions that you should include 2 unique qualities of yourself, and 2 ways you enjoy expressing yourself.

Imagine what the world would look like if it were perfect. 

Take some time and really visualize what this looks like.  How are people acting and treating each other?  How does this Feel?  The more detailed you can get with these exercises, the easier it be when finalizing your mission statement.

When you become more clear about what this actually looks like, put it down on paper, fast! Trust me, It will feel good, but if you wait, that vision may take some time to get back.  You want to work on this, because this is the vision that you want your subconscious mind working on.

Once you have your vision of what the world would look like if it were perfect written down. You can start putting the pieces of this puzzle together.

Your mission statement will include your unique qualities, how you express them, and a description of your perfect world.

Now, this will take some work.  A lot of people get confused with this, and that is ok.  Most people don’t do this exercise at all.  So put some thoughts into it, and make sure you work on this at least a few times a year.

Put it in your calendar.  I always try to work on mine the week between Christmas and New Years, and also in June.  Only you can say when the best time is to work on yours.

If you have questions about your mission statement, and want to learn more about how we can put a plan together to help you reach your goals. Schedule a Strategy Call.

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