7 Fun and Easy Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO

This is an Oxymoron isn’t it?  I want to take a step back and explain some ways to increase your website traffic without seo.  Most people think of Traffic to their website, and the first thing that pops into their mind is SEO, or search engine optimization.

Not too long ago, about 21 years ago, there was this thing called google that formed.  Yeah, Google is just about the age to be able to buy a beer.  Crazy thought huh?

Larry Page, one of the creators of google, started this mission by developing a web crawler, so that it could scan all of the web, and see what back links linked to other sites, what the content was, and they started to develop the ranking system.

What is fascinating to me is the technology and planing that went into developing what we call SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.  Most people relate this topic to traffic to their website.

What is even more interesting is that you hire several SEO companies, and they all will give you a different strategy, make different promises and produce Dramatically different results.  Trust me, I have tried them, and I got a few t-shirts.

So, there are plenty of people that think that SEO is the only way to drive traffic to your website, and sometimes, it can be one of the better longterm outcomes of doing things right on the internet.  SEO is almost a Result of doing things right.  It’s not a Lead Tactic in the short term strategy.  SEO is, in fact, is the results of doing a lot of the other tactics the correct way.

Before we get started, I must refer back to the Customer Value Optimization Model.   The fist part of the CVO funnel after you determine your market fit is how you create the traffic to fill your funnels.  I want to make sure you recognize that all of these website traffic tactics are right off the  CVO Chart.

7 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO


I remember back in 2010 I think it was, I bought a program that was called Traffic 2.0.  It was a Mike Dillard program, and the first part explained how you needed to brand yourself, and make your company and basically call it You Inc.  Reason for that, is there is no better way how to increase your website traffic without SEO, than to brand yourself as an expert and start a blog.

Sure, blogging does take some time, and most people can’t stand it, but let me explain a major benefit.  I remember back in 2018 when i just joined the 2 Comma Club X program.  It is an inner circle coaching program for Russel Brunson and one of his top coaches that runs it, Julie Stoian, lost her Facebook account…

Baamm… just like that, Years and years of posts, videos, comments, pictures and important business, not to mention personal, information gone forever.

That is the moment that Mike Dillards Program popped back into my mind.  Mike said that back in 2010.  You don’t own anything on social media or the internet.  At any moment, those sites can shut you down, and legally destroy Years of blood, sweat and tears of your information and hard work.

Another good point about blogging is that you can post on multiple social sites at one time from your blog.
Sure, it’s fine to post on social sites, and we will cover that in a minute, but you should be posting your important content and infomatin on your blog first, then distributing it across multiple channels.

Think of your blog as your home base of you and your business.  It’s should house and store all of your most valuable thoughts and content.

I see a lot of people posting long posts on their personal profiles talking about business, trying to get people to go to their websites, but the problem is, you can’t monetize or automate that…  If you had a valuable post, one that you spent all that time writing, and you post it on your facebook feed, after about a week or 2, that post is lost…. Gone forever… You would have to look for it to find it again, and sure, if you get a lot of likes, and comments, it will float around and pop up at random on other people’s feeds, but why not have something like that on your blog, and distribute it ever few months, from your blog, to 10 social media sites at one time?

See the difference?

Blogs are the foundation of driving traffic, and positioning yourself as an expert.  If you don’t have a blog, you will probably want to start one by the end of this social media post.  This is probably the Best and most foundational ways to increase your website traffic without seo.

Just before I wrap this up, Imagine if you are posting on facebook everyday, and in 3 to 5 years, what if you had all of that content optimized on a blog and it was generating you traffic and leads on auto pilot.

Let me ask you a serious serious questions… Pause…………  Do you think those post you post everyday on facebook are going to do that for you now???


Another great way to to get your content out there and distribute it across multiple channels.  Podcasts are becoming very popular, because of the ease of which they are produced.  Most people don’t like writing, but talking is another story.  It is easier to sometimes interview professionals in a certain industry and ask them questions that their audience has.  It also is a very great way to postion you as a industry leader and expert

Podcasts are very similar to blogs, in the sense that you own the content, you can distribute them far and wide across many platforms.  I think podcasts are a great way to also get your voice heard, and build likeability and trust from your audience.  It is different reading a blog post from someone, than it is from listening to their voice.

Another great point I want to make, many top marketers repurpose their blogs to make them podcasts or the have their podcasts Transcribed and then they put them on their blogs.

So you get double the content.

Don’t rule out podcasts.  Another good reason to podcasts is that it sometimes will assist you in making connections you would normally not make.  If you went up to a industry leader and talked to him and said you would love to work with him, help him on his projects, he may say yes or no, But if you tell him that you would love to interview him on your podcast, and give him a copy of it to post on his show or his blog, you just helped him out.
You just helped him create new and fresh content, you will be broadcasting it across a new audience, and you are also helping him out, by creating that content for him…

There are a lot of ways you can get your podcast to produce you traffic, so don’t rule this out when deciding ways to increase your website traffic without seo.  

Email Marketing

Email marketing is here to stay. Let’s face it. If you think it is going away, you probably aren’t using it to it’s full capacity.  If you are offended and don’t believe me, Just out a post I just put out, “Is email marketing dead for business professionals?“.  It explains the 3 different strategies for email markeitng and how they are used.

Ok, so, let’s assume you have some type of business, and you should have 3 list of people.   I know I probably hear you saying, “3 lists? I thought people only talk about having A list… Not 3”.

Well, let me explain.  If you are following the Customer Journey, where a new prospect that is cold comes in contact with you, You sell them a small item, then you have them as a customer and sell them repeat sales, That is the 3 different types of lists you should have.

Let me be crystal clear about this.  You should never just Blast out emails to everyone on your list.  You should have this list segmented in different categories on where they are in the customer journey.
Are they cold, warm or hot leads?  Are they one time buyers?  Are they Multiple purchase buyers or fans?

This is one way that you can generate traffic to your website, by knowing where that person is in the customer journey, and writing a specific email to them, giving them a reason to visit your site.  If you put too much info in the email, then they won’t go to your site, so make sure it has some high interest or value to it!

Email is here to stay, I would say that the first 3 of this list are the most foundational ways to increase your website traffic without seo.

Social Media

Social media is growing at a Staggering rate.  Just on Facebook alone you have 2.32 Billion users at the end of 2018.

There are several core platforms that every entreprneuer, copywriter, and business owner should be aware of.  The power 4 is Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube.

I could write several very long articles about each one of these platforms, and they would all be slightly different.  The point I want to make about social media, is that it is a great way to drive traffic to your website, because everyone is on there usually.  If you are dropping great content for people that they are looking for and can consume, then social sites are a great way to drive traffic.

Most people get this wrong.  They post long posts, and they are not really giving value, or calls to action.  You have 4 different structures about how to use Social Media.  You can use it to research and observe what people are talking about.  You can build relationships.  You meet new people.  Doing those things are necessary for you driving traffic.  You have to listen to groups of people, what they are looking for..

This helps when you are creating content on your blog that can distrubut across multiple channels and give people what they are looking for, but the really good stuff, put on your blog, and drive them there for the rest of the content…

Now, let me go ahead and put this in here.  Driving Traffic organically with social media can take time.  Sure, you can get a few hits here and there, but it takes time for people to see your content, and start consuming it this way.  Another strong strategy is to post content on your blog, post it across all of your platforms, and boost the posts that get the most interaction.

Paid Ads

This is the fastest way to generate massive amounts of traffic.  When you are talking about Paid Ads, I mostly think of Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram.  There are a lot of other ways you can use paid ads, like banner ads and retargeting ads.  But for the sake of keeping this short and sweet, lets just discuss this very broad topic.

Paid ads are very usuful when getting businesses up off the ground.  Doing the other types of Traffic Strategies can take some time, and are a great strategy for long term.  Paid Ads are great for short term and for also running flash sales and seasonal promotions.  I like using differnet forms of marketing, because you never want to rely on one tactic.  Plus Paid ads are something that are a little easier to track and learn when you can scale a certain campaign.

When you know what your Cost per Acquistion is, and you know know you can afford to spend on your leads and gererate sales, you can learn how to scale a business very quickly.

Other forms of traffic are harder to control and scale with, but when you use paid forms of traffic, you usually have more control on your data.


There are many ways to drive traffic other than SEO.  SEO or search engine optimization is a long term strategy, and just remember, it is important to have if you want to dominate your industry or niche.  You also want to have a wide range of other tactics that you are driving traffic to your website also.

IF you are looking to grow your business with driving more traffic to your website, Schedule a Free Strategy Call, and lets discuss some ways we can help you make that Happen!

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