Is Email Marketing Dead for business professionals?

I pay attention to a lot of facebook groups and marketing networks and I keep hearing this question, ” is email marketing dead?”  I used to wonder the same thing.  I mean, think about all the emails that people get every day.

According to an article I reseached at, about 55% of companies generate more than 10% of their sales just from sending emails.  I know that most people are worried about this fact, 205 billion emails are sent world wide each day, and 13 billion of those are spam email.    The Average number of business related emails that people recieve per day is 88.

Those numbers are scary… I mean, I totally understand how people feel about email.  They are just so often overlook, and there are so many out there.  How will you gain traction with a marketing strategy with 205 billion other emails being sent out each day?

Well, I’m glad you are here asking that question, because I want to shed some positive light on this subject.  I will also Refer back to the Customer Value Optimization  Process.  If you remember, the customer value optimization funnel is the foundation for building an unstoppable business.

It uses human psychology to build a relationship with a cold prospect first, and more then thru a planned process of educating that person and helping them become more aware of the business opportunity.

They offer a low cost entry product or service, and they move them up the value ladder or keep reselling them other products, and eventually get referrals, testimonies and the goal is to build a long term raging fan out of that once cold prospect.

Now, this is where things get interesting, so stay with me.

Lets make this simple and say that basically, you have cold, warm and hot traffic flowing thru this CVO process (Customer Value Optimization).  There is no better way to help clients continue their journey thru the process than using an automation communication system like email.  Now,

In future blogs and episodes, I will discuss some other tactics like chat bots, or facebook messenger,

but for now,

We are talking about emails. Email marketing is here to stay, it will never die, and let me just say, the people that are talking about it dying (Usually) haven’t designed a strategy to use it with.

I want to point out a few points before I get to the meat and potatoes of this. Think about how many times a day you check your email.  Most people check their emails multiple times a day.  (Same thing with Snail mail, but we will save that for another day also.)

They are usually waiting to hear back from other people or they are just curious what is coming that day.

Also, if you build the relationship on the front end, and offer great value, and know how to structure your subject lines and write relevant emails,

then your emails have a better chance of getting opened and doing their job.

Let’s Discuss 3 ways that email marketing can be used in your business, and answer the queston,

“Is Email Marketing Dead?”

Transaction Emails

If you are wondering if email marketing is dead, this type of email will never die.  It’s is the type of emails that are sent out when you get order confirmations, purchase reciets, shipping notifications, accout creations, return confirmations, support tickets, ect.

Think about this.  These type of emails are responsible for a majority of purchases right?  Otherwise they wouldn’t be sent out.  Most people will open these email.  What a great place for a cross sell, up sell, or some type of communication that will help move the client thru the journey?  This is usually the first email people get after a purchase.  Make them Count.

These type of emails will always be here, and most people will open them.  Don’t loose an opportunity to get a message across.

Relational Emails

Another great type of email, when people ask is email marketing dead, I always ask them, “don’t you keep in touch with people with your emails still?”  Most professionals have multiple emails so they can segment the communications.  So, doesn’t it make sense that most people still check their emails, to look for communications from other people?

They also are getting emails when they get a new subscriber welcome email, they sign up for a lead magnet, subscribe to a newsletter or blog, they get webinar confirmation, survey or review requests, social updates, ect.

These type of emails will probably never die either right?  I mean, let’s get real, if people are doing business, these type of emails are necessary and are definitely getting opened also.

Promotional Emails

Finally, this category is probably what most people think of when they ask them self or their friends, ‘is email marketing dead?’

Promotional emails are the ones that everyone typically gets, when people are promoting their business, sharing affiliate links or sharing offers.  This type of emails are responsible for emails that promote content, that send out lead magnets also, that distribute sales announcements, new product releases, webinar announcements, event announcements, trial offers or upgrade offers.

So, If you are looking for the answer to the question, ‘ Is email marketing dead ?’, I believe that it is alive and well.  Most of the people that think email marketing is dead are not marketers or they don’t understand the different ways that email marketing is still used in business today.

I understand the fact that most people get more emails per day than they can look thru, and for some strategies it probably isn’t as effective as it was in the past.  I believe that for some types of communications, it is still very effective and is a great way to inform clients and keep them engaged and to stay in touch with a large group of people.

Email marketing has been around for a long time, was probably one of the first forms of automation communication, so if you think that email marketing is dead, I hope that this has given you some ideas to a few of the ways that you can utilize it.

IF you are wanting to learn more about email marketing and How you can incorporate it into your business, I have a course that you can take online. It discusses the different straegies in depth, it covers how to schedule out the entire year, and plan your emails strategy.

I encourage you to sign up for a strategy call, and lets go over what you are trying to accomplish, what is going to be in the way of you achieve your goals and we can design a plan for you.

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