Fun Activities for Building Teamwork in Business

Have you ever wondered what are some great activities for building teamwork in business? I know that building a tight knitted team in business is every entrepreneurs dream.  Most entrepreneurs work solo for this reason.  It is hard to build a team that everyone is focused on one goal.  Most teams will have different agendas and this can cause drag and waste in the company. 

Today I want to discuss a few things that will help you build your team and get everyone working together.  The main thing is to keep the main things the main thing Right? So I want to discuss a few things that will help you get your team on track, and in turn, this will help your business get some momentum.  I will list out a few activities for building teamwork in your business, but I want to make sure that I set the Stage also.

I will assume that you are consistently growing your leadership skills and every day practicing good leadership principles.  If you don’t know any of this, start with John Maxwell’s 21 laws of leadership book, and next his ‘Developing the Leader Within You’ 2.0 book.  These books will give you a great foundation of what leadership principles are, and what you should be practicing everyday.

The next prerequisite, is recruiting leaders into your business.  If you don’t recruit leaders, you will have some limitations when growing your team into a great team.  Leaders Take responsibility for themselves and others.  If they don’t, then you will always be limited by this.  People that don’t take responsibility usually hit growth plateaus because they always are either a victim, or it’s someone else’s fault

So, a team always works best when everyone generally cares for one another.  The first activity that you will do, is take your team out and do something fun.  That’s right.  Get them out of the work environment, and do something fun for with them and their family.  This could be a weekend trip, or something like a one day event.  The point is to get them out of their normal work environment, and help them get to know you and their other team mates and families on a personal level.  This will help build relationships that will carry over into work, and will help speed things up when times get tough.  I know that most of the championship teams that I study or read about do this.  The teams that have the most leaders and best relationships between each other are usually the best teams.   

There is also research that shows that team performance improves the business.  This is why building teamwork in business is so important.

The Key to doing this is to get the families out and interacting with each other.  Possibly even take them to some type of event where they are split up into teams, and play with and against each other.  And then reorganize the teams, where everyone plays with each other.

Another point is make sure you involve your team in picking the activities that you do.  Make this part of the process 

fun, and you will get a better turn out, and everyone will be excited.  Give them maybe 3 options, and let them pick , and make sure you plan it out far enough for everyone to make it.  This will help build up the excitement before your event. 

So, I want to list out a few quick things that I found doing some research on building teamwork in business.  I did a little research, because i wanted this list to be as complete as i can get, and make this some

thing that you can do with your team in your office, or also out of the office for fun.

Building Teamwork in Business Starts With You

I want to go over some of my favorites that I found, and Share the links that I found them on.  

Scavenger Hunt

 I found this really cool company that does these all in 300+ cities, and they host them for all types of events.  Team building, but also for dates, and other activities that make it fun.  What I thought was really cool about this, is that they do it for site seeing also.

Ever been to a city that you didn’t have a lot of time, but you went with a group of your co-workers or friends and wanted to see the major site?

This is great for that.  They also have an App you download on your phone.  I haven’t personally tried this, but I can’t wait. If you have any feedback, leave a comment for us. 

Here is the Site for this company if this sounds fun or interesting.


The Next thing On my fun list of things to do for building teamwork in business is a game called winner/ loser. 

I learned this from another great site, and I’ll share the link below but this game can be played in the office.  

So you will need at least 2 or more people, the more the better, and there is no tools needed.  

So, One person discusses something negative that happened in their life.  It can be something that is personal, can be work related, but it needs to be something that is true.  The second person, will recap on the experience, but from a positive perspective. After the other person recaps the positive, the person that experienced it, should also discuss the positives also.  At the end, they should switch roles. 

The Mine Field

This game is fun, and should be played probably outside in a field, the beach or parking lot.  You will need some blind folds and some objects to set out as your mines.

The Object of the game is to split the group up into teams.  You will use communication only to direct your partner thru the mine field until you get to the end destination.  To make the game more difficult, put out many items that act as mines, and also make the route that must be traveled narrow.

The team that gets thru more runs without stepping on less mines wins.

Truth and Lies

This game can be played in doors or outside, and everyone sits in a circle and faces each other.  Everyone will come up with 3 truths about themselves, and one lie.  The lie should be believable, not to outrageous.  

Have everyone in the room say their truths and lie in random order, and the rest in the group can guess their lie.

Here are some activities that builds more relationships with the team.

Find Connections 

This exercise helps reinforce the relationships between people that may not communicate to each other.  Have the departments or small groups divide up into teams.   Each Team should come up with at least one thing, as many as possible, that they have in common with each other.

  This will build relationships and is great for teams that don’t know each other yet or are having problems with connecting. 

One thing I like about this exercise is that it can be done virtually.  This exercise is one that builds a psychology of safety and likability.


Progressive Brainstorming

Most companies are mixed with different types of people.  You will have introverts and extroverts.  Sometimes it there are great ideas that the introverts have that don’t get shared.  The best companies have an open communication policy and everyone’s voice is heard.  

Progressive brainstorming means you pull out a problem, and have everyone put in their input for fixing the problem.  Don’t have people talk about this, write it down on a piece of paper and pass it around the group.  This way, other people can build on the other ideas and they keep getting better or other ideas will pop up that haven’t been mentioned, and there is no pressure.

Shared Journal

This was an interesting one that I found.  The idea is to get to know more about the people at work, and the company culture.  The instructions are to have a journal that everyone can write in, like a break room or public area, but it can easily be done virtually also. 

Each member is encouraged to contribute daily quotes, post events, update with office professional advice, or share company wins or challenges.  The key is for everyone to contribute consistently, and to have a moment of reflection.  What did everyone learn.  What progress has been made?

Hopefully, you got some great ideas out of this.  I think that teamwork is so crucial in business.  I know that being an Athlete the first part of my life, close to 17 years, and being in the work force another almost 20 years, I know that being on a close knit team is something special.  It is something that you can’t sometimes describe, because the relationships around those people are just so special.  A great team can do anything, because sometimes it isn’t so much that they know everything or are better than anyone else.  A great team believes in each other, they trust each other, they make each other want to be better.  It is that Feeling of being a part of something bigger than our self.


If you have any questions about team building or how you can jump-start your team, schedule a free strategy call, and let’s talk about your current situation, and how we can help.

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