Tips, Tricks from a Project Management Professional

I remember when I was a Kid, I always thought Project Managers were so Cool.  They made the Big Bucks, They were the Leaders in their fields.  They put teams together and accomplished Great things.

Over the years, and Being around Project management for almost 15+ Years, I have learned a thing or two about Project management, and I want to share some Tips, Tricks, and Tools that may help you grow and expand your PM skills.

Project Management can be looked at a few different Ways. It can be thought of as one person, or the leader of the group that is focused on accomplishing a Specific Objective, with usually a lot of different smaller Teams.

Tips for Project Management Systems

Project management is always done best by focusing on building your team with Solid Leadership Principles.  I don’t like using the word manager a lot.  Managers are good at making sure systems are followed.  Leaders are great at making sure that the most important things get done, and they incorporate the people under them in leadership positions to help accomplish this.

Managers are not always the best Project managers… because it doesn’t mean Crap if the systems you have in place are the best on the planet AND the wrong person is trying to LEAD your project management TEAM and people won’t follow the leader or the systems.

Things won’t be done right.  Responsibility will not be taken by everyone.

The first tip in your project management systems is this. This is a oximoron statement..

Look for leaders to run it, Not Project Managers.  The leader Makes the Position, the Position doesn’t make the Leader, and trust me, You don’t want to try and prove me wrong.

We will get into Leadership and team building in later blogs, but Just trust me on this.  Who ever is running your project management team needs to be focused on raising their leadership lid and in some type of leadership development training.  We offer this type of training here at the Innovative Marketing Agency, based on John Maxwell’s Leadership principles.

2 Tricks for Project Management Systems

Make sure you focus on 4 things when picking your project manager and the team.   Their Motivations, The Strengths, Weaknesses, and What do they Enjoy doing?  When you do this, you will be able to put people in their areas of strengths, and leverage that.  Especially when you put people in areas that they enjoy and are good at.  There is another way to accomplish this other than just asking them.

It took me about 15 years into the work force until I was asked to take a Myer Brigg and DISC test.  These test are being talked about more and more these days, and I believe that it is a great tool when Hiring people.  Some companies will pay for these test, and other times companies will make the staff pay for it, but either way, they are very affordable and easy to take.

These type of tests will make sure that you don’t get bad information and feed back from your teamates and leaders, It ensures that you  put people in certain roles that they can fill.  These test also will point out their strengths and weaknesses with more accuracy than just asking your team a few questions.

You have to realize, Most people don’t know themselves, so just asking them questions will not always give you the best answers and results.  People will sometimes tell you what you want to hear.

The DISC test is something that people like Tony Robbins Uses when hiring, because it also will help in learning what areas to focus on their growth.

John Maxwell Coaches are able to Get DISC certified, and if you are interested in taking any DISC assessments for your team or company, let me know and I can point you in the right direction.

The last thing I will say about Project Management Systems is that you have to have some really good communication systems in place.

I’ve tried using a Handful of project management software, and one of the best that I like for the price is  It is very affordable, and it will help sort out different types of communications for projects that are large and take a long time to complete.   It also has a lot of functions like making check lists, assigning tasks, a event calendar, and it will email updates to specific people.

Having a Solid Communication Systems is a Must, and I know that back 10-15 or more years ago, there wasn’t a lot of communications systems to choose from.  Today, there is a larger variety of programs, apps and software that will help you with project management.  We will be discussing more about communication Systems in a later Blog Post so keep your eyes out on that.

Project management is a tricky thing, and over my career, I’ve Helped train a good bit of project managers.  The one thing that I have noticed is everyone wants to be a project manager when they first start.  Then the problems hit, and they quickly lose their motivation and enthusiasm.

It is very important to focus on finding a person with more of a Leadership personality, that is why assessment test on your team will help.  It also helps to have your systems in place, make sure that you are updating all the operation manuals or checklist that your team is using.

If a new problem arises, Bring it up in meetings, discuss options, and test it out.  The point I am trying to make is try not to let your team make the same mistakes over and over without empowering them with a solution.  Involve them in the solution making process and they will be more motivated to incorporate the solution.

In the end, You want to help your Leaders and Team Grow and become better leaders themselves.  That is the best Tip that I can Give, and they will eventually help you grow your systems to perform better even when you are not around!

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