Business Development Coach Share Secrets For Designing Your Customer Avatars

There is probably no better exercise for a new business owner or entrepreneur to do other than Designing Customer Avatars.  

If You didn’t know, Customer Avatars are a descriptions of your perfect ideal client.  All of their most important feelings, pains, desires and habits should be listed for each type of avatar.

This one simple activity is how you get the information that you need to connect with your prospects on a deep emotional level.  A connection that is more than just communication.  It is that of influence and persuasion.  This is very important and a step that many new business owners and entrepreneurs forget.

I spent about 10 or more years in sales, learning all of the tips and tricks of becoming a master closer before I learned more on designing customer avatars. 

Sure, the sales training taught how to build rapport and know your prospects, but the sales training didn’t dive deep into demographics and psychographics.  This is Intelligence that can very very helpful in crafting your messages.

After I started getting my certifications with AWAI and Digital Marketer, I learned that Designing Customer Avatars isn’t a one time gig.  You have to do it with every market segment, and even every offer that you have and create.  It takes more than just knowing your prospects age, where they live, and how much they make and what keeps them up at night.

4 steps to Designing Customer Avatars that will become your best clients

The First step in designing customer avatars should start with Researching what your target market is already buying.

This is an old trick I learned from Gary Halbert.  He used to always talk about finding out what people are always buying.  Most people are creatures of habit.  So when you are designing customer avatars, you want to make sure that you are researching what your customer avatar is already buying.

There are several Ways to do this.  One is very simple.  Get out there and Ask Them!  Ryan Levesque wrote a best selling book titled “Ask”, and while it is very in depth, the concept is very simple.  Ask.  Talk to your current customers.  Talk to people that are in your industry.  Talk to people at trade shows, conferences.  Do some research and find out where those people are hanging out and get to know them like you would your best friends.

You will be amazed at how much information you can find and the golden nuggets you will get when you get out there and start talking to people.   Make it fun, and make sure that when you DO go out there and start investigating,  Don’t do it like a Private Investigator.

The best way to do it is have some valuable information to exchange or offer them.  That way, you are building relationships also and helping people.  You Do Not just want to go out there to snoop into other peoples business.

What Do Your Customer Avatar Want?


Finding out what people want is half of the battle.

When I was younger, I read a lot of sales books.  A lot of the old school trainers would focus on finding out what people need.  Focus on what people need they said…

What I have found in my years and years of sales and watching what people actually do, is people don’t necessarily buy what they need.


Think about it.  IF people would buy what they need, we would all be eating all vegetables, driving smart cars around, working in safe environments, and life would be all safe and good.

But that isn’t how people are.  Are they?

We buy things we can’t afford, Do things that are Extremely dangerous and bad for us, and not to mention, Half of the things we Buy, we don’t buy because we need them.  We buy it  because it’s cool, we buy for social Status,  We buy because we Want It!

So,  This goes back into the last point, research.  Of course it is always good strategy to know what people need, but NEVER stop there…

I remember the best selling technique I ever learned was find out what people want, and give it to them.  I used to try and sell people what they needed, but that is always an uphill battle, that you have no leverage in.  If they don’t want it, They could care less…

What Are The Feelings Your Avatars Are Experiencing Now, and What Feelings Will They Experience After You Help Them?
Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions

Map out a Before and After Grid, and Get Detailed…

What the heck am I talking about? Don’t worry, I’ll get to that, I just want to make sure you know all the emotions, good and bad.

Before I get started, this is a tactic that I have learned across many coaches and companies.  You want to map out what your customer avatars are currently feeling before they are introduced to your unique offer.  What feelings are they feeling?  Make No Mistake about it.  People Feel Different Things.

How many Type of Feelings DO People Feel?  Well, Get ready for me to Wake you up on How many types of Pains and Joys People experience.

  1. mental pain
  2. emotional pain
  3. psychic pain
  4. social pain
  5. spiritual pain
  6. Physical pain
  7. psychological pain

When I was getting into learning Copywriting years and years ago, a copywriter that many people don’t know about named David Garfinkel taught a small online course that I took.  I took this course probably way back in 2010.

The site he had it on was like a Dinosaur compared to the sites that host courses like we do now, but either way, David really focused on peoples emotions and feelings.  He was the first person that really brought it to my attention of how many emotional pains you can focus on when designing your customer avatars.

ALSO, an important point.  Don’t just focus on what pains they are going thru, Describe to them the feeling of Glory and Joy that they will feel like after they try out your offer!

So, take some time, and really go over the different type of feelings and emotions people will have.  And Don’t make the Fatal Mistake of just talking about the Bad things they are going thru, give them the feeling of Hope. 

Describe to them in detail of what the good feelings will feel like.  They Best thing you can do is give them a mental picture and describe as many senses as possible to them.

What are the Current Beliefs that Your Customer Avatars Have… and What is the Big Domino that you can Knock Down that Stands in their Way Of Success?

I learned this from Russell Brunson.   He writes about it in his Expert Secrets Book.  If you haven’t read it, You can get a Free Copy here if you cover shipping…

 This book is for you if you are wanting to learn how to automate your business on the skills that you have learned up to this point. 

Basically, Anyone that owns a business should read this book and start to implement the strategies and tactics, so when you are in your later years, people will pay you for who you are, and what you know, instead of just what you do.

So, Back to the Big Domino.  The Big Domino is a Belief.  Most people have False Beliefs that hold them back, so if you can find what that one belief is, then you can design your customer avatars with that in mind.

This will help you when structuring your copy, and when you are building proof in your content and marketing ads, you can indirectly give them enough information that will help knock the Big Domino Down.

Now, Don’t get more Wrong, Most people will have several of these.  It is your job as an Innovative Marketer to find out what those big dominos are, and give Proof in a Non Direct Way, that will open their mind to what it is that you are offering.

You will do this for each of the Big Dominos…

Points to Remember:

When Designing Customer Avatars, Remember, We are ALL Human.

Focus on what people are already buying, and try and talk to those people like your best friend.  Ask them if they are happy with the things they are already buying, they may be open to a new offer.   You will have to indirectly discover the feelings they are going thru and what they are trying to achieve.

Map out the before and after grid for your product and services for each offer and customer avatar.  You will want your marketing messages to be specific to each.  Broad language will always fall flat.  You want your marketing messages to be spoken directly to each customer avatar.

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