How To Design Your Content Creation Blueprint Now

Learning how to design your content creation blueprint is not as hard as you may think.  It takes some creative thought, planning and commitment.  If you have those 3 ingredients, have no fear, you will get it done fast.  Today I want to Go over some other Reasons why you should be designing your content strategy, and how to do it right.

I want to share with you some really important facts about content marketing before we start.

You may not understand why content marketing is important, or why EVERY business needs to have a Blueprint for creating content.

This makes perfect sense, because people are starting to pay less attention to ads, and the cost of ads are going up.  Also, with content, the more you produce, the more you can share and guest post in front of other audiences, meaning once your asset is produced, it can be re-purposed into other forms of advertising.  You get more bang for your buck.

I don’t want to get into too much of trying to prove to you this is important, so lets do a really easy demonstration or exercise.

Just imagine for a second that you were publishing useful information that your customers and prospective clients would be looking for.  You also were distributing that information on the best social and other channels that your audience were on…

You may be doing this a little as one time a week, or 3-5 times a week.

You probably should expect to get a steady stream of leads and sales right?  Well, even if you don’t, you are going to have places that you can reference prospects to if they want to learn more about you or a specific topic.

If you are producing content that is focus on the right Keywords, the type of keywords that are more specific and easier to rank,  you will start to rank in the search engines eventiually.  Also you will probably begin to notice a little more traffic to your sites from these social listings, That is what Industry leaders Do.

You would be educating your target market, they would get to know you, and you are consistently in their minds.  Every piece of content you produce is an educational piece, also with some type of call to action at the end.  SO if you did have someone that was experiencing what you were discussing, they may reach out and schedule an appointment, or download a lead magnet or buy a small purchase.

However, Let’s Look at the Other Scenario.  Maybe someone that is your competition.  They are not Producing content on a regular basis.  The only time they are publishing is in the form of paid ads or traffic.  They are not building any type of relationship or communication between the market.  Their Leads and Sales will probably be very consistent with the amount and frequency of marketing and Advertising  that they are paying to run.

Do you see the difference Now?

If you Design a Solid Content Creation Blueprint, and have a system for not just producing content, but what people are looking for, what is valuable to them, and where and how to distribute that content, then you will eventually be looked at as an industry expert in a matter of time.

So,, Let’s Get started.

Getting Started on your Content Creation Blueprint

If you don’t know me, Let me just tell you that I look at things in a systematic way.  I always Like looking for the easiest and best process to produce the maximum result in the least effort.
I guess its the engineer mindset in me, or the power lifter in me, or maybe I am always thinking in terms of Paretto’s Principle.  I’m looking for the 20% of work that brings the 80% of results.

So, Designing content should be done that exact way.

Let’s stop for a minute and discuss the Customer Value Optimization Chart.   If you don’t know what I’m Talking about don’t know what I’m talking about)  If you remember how the Customer value Optimization Works, It has about 7 steps.  This is the formula or blueprint for building an Unstoppable business, like Ryan Deiss says, SO it is important to take a look at the CVO Chart before we start to design your Content Creation Blueprint.

If you notice the CVO chart has 2 steps that your content marketing will fall under.  For the sake of keeping things simple, Lets just say you have the top part of the CVO funnel, where you are generating new traffic.  You also have the Bottom part, where you create a return path.

The content that you will produce will typically fall under one of these two.
Now, You also will use some of this content for the steps in the middle, between the lead magnet offer and the Profit Maximizer.

The Main Point before we start. You will be focusing your content creation to focus on 2 types of people essentially.

People that Don’t Know you, and people that Do Know you.

You want to be aware that all of your content that you will produce will essentially be created for 2 types of readers, those that know you and those that don’t. .

The next thing you will do is,

Start looking at your Customer Value Journey Chart, what your lead magnets are, trip wire offers, and core offers, and profit maximizers.  List these out, and have a clear understanding about how this will work.

IF you have those offers already made, then you will want to make your content based on them.
You will also want to make sure you research your keywords of what people are looking for.

Doesn’t this make perfect sense?

Ok, so check this out. Content marketing is essentially the type of information that people are already looking for, and are also the information that should move your prospects to the next step in the Value Journey.  That way, When they look at your information, your content,, it will help them take the next step in the customer value journey.

SO, This also important, If you don’t have this, get in touch with me or comment below and ask.
You will want to have your customer value optimization blueprint, and customer journey, before you start designing your content creation blueprint.

Does this Make Sense?  Because you have to do these two steps before you start, or you will waste time on bad content that doesn’t rank, doesn’t resonate with readers and doesn’t move people thru the value journey.

So, You understand your CVO chart and Customer Value Journey, Here’s what is Next.
You want to design your Content Scheduling Spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet should have several columns.  The columns will have your calendar dates, type of post (weather text, audio, video), Category, Offer and Headline.

Now, the good thing about this Content Marketing spreadsheet, this will allow you to plan out as far as you need, and then you can start hiring out help to complete the content plan.  (More on that Later).

But this is a Very Important Step.

If you don’t plan out the content creation calendar, it won’t be produced.  So schedule out at least 3 days a week that you are working on this calendar, Working on the headlines, they lead magnets and what dates you are going to be publishing.  This makes getting the content produced a lot easier and fun.

So,  This is pretty much the basics for building out your Content Creation blueprint.  You understand your CVO Chart, Value Journey, and a Spreadsheet to design and plan out your content that you will produce…

But wait, We still don’t know what to produce, or what to talk about.

This is where you will have to do your research.  There are some great research tools in google’s keyword planner, Neil Patel has a good one called Ubersuggest and also BuzzSumo is a good place to see what is being talked about and shared on social media.  What are some hot topics that people are already looking at or looking for that you can create content about, and redirect them into your value journey or customer value optimization funnel?

Now you will want to spend some good time working on the research and the copywriting, and this isn’t the topics of what we are discussing today, but do your research on each stage of the CVO and the value Journey.

Ryan Deiss says you want to splinter offer some of your core offer and profit maximizer when you are doing your lead magnets and trip wires.

The content that you are producing Should Also lead them to these stages. That is the basic idea that you are focusing on.  If you content isn’t moving people thru the CVO chart, Thru the Customer Journey, Then what is the point right?  So make sure you have your end game in mind.  Start with the End in Mind.

SO, That is it.

If you are wanting to learn more, Sign up for a Strategy Call.  I Have a Content Marketing Course Taught by Digital Marketer that I can Coach you on, and they are very affordable.  In Fact, I am authorized as a certified digital partner to give you an 80% discount on this!

Just leave Questions and comments below!  The best Time to Plant a tree, is 10 years ago,, The second best time is Now.

Same Concept for your content creation blueprint.  If you haven’t started it 10 years ago, the best time is NOW!

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