How Software is Shaping the Future of Business in 3 Ways

Looking back over the last few decades, it is cool to observe how software is shaping the future of business.  It is almost taking over some peoples lives and completely changing the way that we do business, we community, how we market, sales and do research.

Software was not a very sexy topic 20 years ago.  You had Google basically just hitting the market in 1998.  I remember sitting in the chemistry department at the University of West Ga, I was in my senior year of playing football,  and a student was talking to me about Google. That was the first time I even heard about Google.  Facebook, I heard about it when I was in Sumter County back in probably 2006.  I remember the article I was reading about it was in Forbes or Success magazine, and it was talking about it being a huge communication tool.

And while most people probably don’t regard those two companies as software companies, the point I want to make is this.

The way that people use computers, phones and communications these days are growing at a Very fast rate.  The future of Software is very promising.  In fact, most of the fastest growing companies in the world are in fact software companies.  I don’t want to get to much on that topic, or give you a history lesson on software, but here is the truth.

There are 3 Distinctive Ways that Software is Shaping

the Future of Business

Software in its purest form is a solution to a problem.  Plain and simple.  What I see a lot of companies do is they try and come up with software to fix peoples problems before they really get the feedback and research they need from clients.

The best software companies have essentially built a loyal following, fan base, crowd, tribe, community, or what ever word you want to use for Audience.  They Know their community members very well.  They spend time building that relationship.

One way that I see that Software is shaping the future of business

is that businesses are structuring their business activities around software that already exists.  I know in the 90s people would structure their sales and marketing around phone rooms and out door salesman.  There were a lot of 20-50 million dollar a year companies set up this way.  The software didn’t exist back then to communicate to a large audience. Many Companies relied on old school tactics to generate leads, and book those leads into appointments and close deals.

Now, you have software like Zoom, Clickfunnels, and online webinars where you can essentially have a group of people online, while you spend an hour educating them on an offer and try and close the deal with 500 people listening.

I remember back in 2008-2010, thinking that the future of sales would be setting up a video, and being able to just have people watch the video and then it would qualify buyers.  It took a long time before I actually found a company that could actually pull off millions of sales doing that.

Clickfunnels is one of those companies, Led by Russell Brunson.  I was very impressed with Russell Brunson when I first watched him on a webinar.  I thought He was more of a salesman than an internet marketer when I first watched him in his funnel videos.  I’ll leave this webinar he did before clickfunnels blew up here….

I encourage you to Sign up for this webinar, and think about how you could use something like this in your business.  It’s Powerful…

I remember trying the 14 day Free trial of Clickfunnels about a year and a half ago, and it was hard to use.  They have made HUGE upgrades to this software, and I would say confidently that Click Funnels  would out perform most other software to make their software the best it can be.  Russell does’t just want people to buy his software, he genuinely cares about his uses and is constantly trying to help them by adding value to their lives, upgrading the software as people request and keeping them moving forward.

Another way software is shaping the future of business is the way that businesses are communicating with their audiences.

I know that for a long time, in the 80s-2000, the best way to advertise your business was direct mail, yellow pages, trade journals, and newspaper ads.   These old school strategies of marketing and advertising are still being used today, but they don’t offer as much control and automation as digital marketing on social media, having online blogs, podcasts and other types of communication channels that you can actually track your traffic and visitors with a lot more precision.

Imagine that you buy a billboard, and you are being told that your message will be exposed to millions of people per day.

It is a little more tricky to track the results from the old school marketing strategies.  Sure, you can set up a website and a phone number, but you can’t retarget people that look at the billboard or showed interest like you can when you use new software.

Communications are being completely automated these days with companies like Infusionsoft and ManyChat.  You can set up work flows to ask people questions and depending on their answer, it triggers a different response by an automated system.  This essentially allows a salesperson to leverage their time.

Another Communication system for software would also be on the production or project management side of things.   Most people think of communication software being more geared towards the marketing and CRM side of things.  Don’t forget,  After the sale is made, you have support and project management related issues that you will need to be able to stream line and organize.  The project management aspect of most business is what slows most companies down from scaling and growing.  They can’t take on more work. They out sell their production team.

The project management Software is another one that is basically a communication software, and helps production systematize the process of fulfilling orders and completing work and service calls.

The third way that software is shaping the future of business is the way that buyers activities can be tracked and monitored.

Researching is a lot easier, but at the same time, there are many more ways to do research.  You can do keyword research, demographic research, psychographic research, and also other types of interests that groups of people have.

Research is one of the best uses of software for business, because it helps build relationships with the right type of clients.  The best sales person in the world will have a hard time closing the wrong type of prospect.

There are so many software companies that help with research.  A few of them that I have used in the past are SEMRush, Similar Web, BuzzSumo, Google’s Keyword Planner, and Facebook’s Audience Insight Tool.

There are a few reasons why every business owner should research their markets.  They should be looking at buying activity, what the customers are already buying, Trends in the future, what keywords they are using, what content are they looking for or reading, and also, what are they buy and looking for.

I know a lot of business owners don’t do their research as much as they should, but the benefits out weigh the reasons they don’t.  You always want to stay informed, and research is the only way you can do this proactively.  You want to see trends in the market and make sure you stay ahead of everyone else.  If you DON’t do this, How they heck can you be an industry leader???

To wrap this up, there’s a lot of different software out there to chose from these days to improve your business.

There will be more and more software companies that come out in the future.  The competition will help these software companies develop better and more affordable packages.   Your focus should be to only use what you need to accomplish your goals.

Most companies will have different needs and operations, but they all will need software to help with communications, sales, marketing and research.  Software is helping business propel forward faster in a lot of ways than they have in the past.  If you want to build a business that will start to make you more money and save you more time, the software that you use (Or don’t Use) will be in direct proportion to the amount of money you make and time you save.  You will want to start incorporating this into your over all strategy.

IF you are not already using software to help run and automate your business, then you should sign up for a free strategy call and let’s talk about what you are currently doing, and how some different software could help you reach your goals.

Most of the companies I mentioned have free Trials, I will leave a Free 14 day trial of click funnels Here also.

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