Protect Yourself From Unexpected Cash Flow Problems

I once heard Les Brown talk about money.  He said something along the lines of…  ”Money isn’t the root of all evil, I believe the lack of money is.” 

I’m not trying to argue with the Bible, or put Les out there,  but I couldn’t agree more.  Cash flow is very important.  I know that some people may say that Cash isn’t king but I believe that with it, a lot of mistakes can be made, failure can be a learning experience and success is possible.


I have been in a lot of situations of not having money, and I have seen a lot of people do things they wouldn’t normally do, and I’ve even had friends die over money..

Cash flow is so important, but when is the last time you have had a conversation or even talked about it? 

It may have been a while, and if you don’t focus on it and talk about it,  you may be leaving yourself in a bad situation.


I want to discuss some ways you can protect yourself from unexpected events or times where cash may be a little low.

This is definitely one thing in your life that you don’t want to ignore or just hope happens, because it won’t.

Even if you have a J.O.B and are getting a steady paycheck, I’ve had to many friends and family lose jobs or get laid off for very poor reasons.

You and Your Families Lives are Dependent on Cash Flow.


Being an entrepreneur has certain risks, and when you are starting out, it takes money to grow. 

It doesn’t just magically flow in more when you want to grow.  It will take some planning and thinking ahead.

You can make a lot of mistakes in life and business if you have enough cash flow.


If you hit rough times and are not prepared, you’ll have to hit the brakes and lose all the momentum that you have been working toward.

I heard a long time ago, that the quality of life, is your monthly income Minus Your monthly expenses. 


This could be thought of as cash flow.


There are many definitions of cash flow, Mirram-Webster defines it as,

the  measure of an organization’s liquidity that usually consists of net income after taxes plus non-cash charges against income.

So, lets discuss 9 strategies to protect yourself and your business against the hard times when cash is not pouring in. 

Everyone goes thru these periods, it is perfectly natural.

If you think that the people that have made it didn’t stuggle with money at one point, don’t worry. 

These problems affect everyone one at different points in their personal and professional lives. 

There is always ups and downs with cash flow in any business that is growing.  It is part of the process. 

Once you have your money systems figured out, you can safely design your plans to scale and grow with confidence and without fear.


First thing’s First, What is your current Financial Status?

It helps to know what your current situation is before you start planning your strategy.  You want to look for your strengths and weakness.  Where is your money made? If you work a full time job, then your cash flow should be much easier to calculate, but you will want to look at the different types and periods that your expenses will fall.

What is your Monthly Budget?

This is an important question, and here is why.

You should have monthly budgets for your personal and business life.  After you separate those two lists, start really getting detailed with your budgets.  For your personal, you have living expenses, insurance, taxes, food, gas and don’t forget entertainment and family.

For business, you have your basic business expensive, overhead, insurance, marketing, recruiting, training, and don’t forget taxes and emergency funds and money to scale and grow.

Everyone is different, and every business is different.  The point is, Only You can determine your monthly budgets.

What months are the Good Months When Cash Flow is Good?

The great thing about knowing what months are good, you know when to buckle down, and hit your marketing and sales goals hard.  

Don’t take it easy in the good months.

 This is like when you are playing a video game and you can’t be hurt, You get as much done and accomplished as possible, and get ahead for when the hard times hit.

I see a lot of new business owners make this mistake.  When things are good, they get cocky, too confident and make bad assumptions.  They take a weekend off, a week off, or go on a few vacations. 

They lose all momentum and then they have to work double hard to catch back up. 

I’ve made this mistake too, and it happens every now and then, but the main thing is be aware of the good months and make sure you set money aside for reserves before you leave for your vacation.  That is good strategy and business. 


When are the Slow months?


Every business will have up  and down months, and usually most businesses have seasons.  They usually follow the seasons and holidays or months.  They also follow weather, trends, elections and other factors.

The key is to figure them out and find them.  Chances are, if you have been in business for about 3 years, you will know these.  Just look at your bank statements or Profit and Loss statements.


The trick to this, don’t look at the situation one dimensional.  Look for other business that you may can sell cross promotions to.  If you are a construction business, and the winter is slow, because you are a gutter or roofing company, what if you introduced your customer list to a few contractors that did interior work, kitchens, bathrooms or basements .

 What if you worked out some referral fees for some type of joint venture or referrals?  

Now, don’t do this when the months are slow, build the deals and the relationships throughout the year, quarterly at the least.

There are other ways that you can get some extra cash flow during the slow months, the trick is to be creative.

 Network with other companies, and possibly even your current customers, previous customers and offer them seasonal discounts or special offers.  

The key is to be creative and plan ahead, as far ahead as possible.Another great strategies is affiliate marketing. 

Pay people to promote your work or business.  If they are bringing you work, 80% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

Start saving for the slow months during the good.

This should be a habit more than it is good advice.  Every business should be setting money aside, even if I its a small percent per month for an emergency fund, taxes and other expenses, like mentioned above .  

IF you have slow months, what is the amount of money you will need to get through those months?  It’s usually a good idea to have an emergency fund set aside and also try and double what you think.  Usually things cost more than you think and take twice as long to finish or complete.  Keep this in mind.

What new promotions can you run before the slow months?

The easiest way to look into this, is to plan out a 12 month calendar, and look at holidays and events you can focus some promotions on.  There are many different ways you can tap into new  markets and even your current market to make some bundled packages together.

 People love bundles, it gives them a way to buy multiple products and services at a discount .  Which leads me to the next big questions..

Can you cross promote with other businesses?

This was talked about above. I want to make sure this questions is really focused on, and spend some time thinking about this.  I have a great book , call the Mr. X book.  Russell Brunson Actually had this book Reprentted and mailed it to 2 Comma Club X members.

In the oringal book, this guy took every thing he heard Jay Abraham talk and teach, and wrote a book, without jay Abraham knowing about it..

He put all of Jay Abraham’s teachings in the book in an order that made sense.

Now,,, Lawsuits and other legal actions was taken, and after looking at the content, Jay realized that this booked laid out all of his teaching in an easy to understand sequence…

This book has some great ideas about cross promotions and other partnerships you may can set up for the slower months.  This topic will be discussed in a later blog or podcast, so stay tuned.

Multiple streams of Income

Ok, so if you guys are old like me, you’ll remember that book by Robert Allen, written back in the 2001.  If you don’t, Robert Allen is a legend.  I know a lot of people say he is a scam, but Robert got into real estate investing back in the day, and use to sell people courses for investing in real estate.  


Well, someone called Robert out, or this is how I remember it happening.

 Said his programs didn’t work.  

So some how, a challenge was made, and Robert said that they could put him in any city, Take his Wallet, and everything from him, but leave him 100 Dollars.   And it some short time, like 3 days,  he will have a property under contract.

Long story short, this blew up into a nationally televised even, and Robert got scared he couldn’t pull it off.

When faced with national embarrassment, he buckled down and pulled it off.This made his career.  He lived on to write books on different types of cash flow using real estate and the internet.

The Reason I’m Telling you this story is I want to make this point. Sometimes people don’t do things they don’t want to do, until there isn’t a choice.  But this is not always true either.  

Everyone responds to different types of motivation.

You have to be really motivated to design a life around cash flow.  You know, I am not perfect, I don’t have all the things I want.

 But I know that things don’t happen unless you plan for them, find the right motivation to keep you disciplined enough to do what it takes to Win in life and business..

Robert Allen went on to write a lot of books, he even put out a book called multiple streams of income.

 Point is, there is a lot of ways you can cash flow your life and business.  You just have to look at what is available to you right now. Where are you out in your life and business.

An old internet marketing guy I used to know, Cedrick Harris, once said,

Money only comes from one place, and that’s people..

They called Cedrick the Drop Card King.  He would make these little business cards and drop them everywhere.   People would pick them up, thinking they were money, and they were business offers, Promotions, or specials.

Cedrick was so cool, he’d take them to the mall and get his wife and kids to put them in clothes they’d try on.  He would insert them in the credit card readers at the gas station, so when the next person came to get gas at the same gas pump, they’d find Cedrick’s Drop Card.

So don’t give yourself any excuses…

Get creative.  IF you are needing some ideas about this, Schedule a Free Strategy Call with Me…

Last Resort, obtain financing or lines of credit.

Ok, so , listen up.  I want you guys to keep an open mind here.  I have some experience in this, good and bad.

Getting a line of credit was forced on me, when i was working on getting my GC license.

In Georgia, it is a requirement to have a 25 thousand dollar line of credit as part of the process to even apply to take the state test.

So, i got this line of credits, and once you get to a certain amount, about  20, you will have access to a lot of funds.

Now, this. Can get. You in trouble fast, I’ll write more on this later, but the  point of this is, in later points in your business, when you are working on scaling up, you will need some extra cash , if your  not crushing sales.  

So it is always a good idea to work on getting banks and credit lines to want to give their money to you..

there are some companies that. Will even charge a low processing fee and give you a 25,000 loan for no interest?

when you get good at scaling marketing campaigns and sales funnels, it’s nice paying a grand or 2 to get a $25,000 put in your account and having no interest of the back end of the loan, stretched out …

Now, I’m not recommending this, and I’m Not responsibility for your Results on a move like this, but at least have this in your back pocket if you think you may need it.  

If you have questions, I can help with this also, and I have a site you can visit to see if you are approved for some pretty good loans, no interest up to 18 months.




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