5 Recruiting Questions that Will Help You Recruit Leaders in Your Business

Most Entrepreneurs have challenges when recruiting candidates for growing their business.  After working with and for so many companies in my lifetime, I have noticed that there is a fine art when it comes to knowing which questions to ask new candidates for your business.  I wanted to make a list of recruiting questions to help.  It isn’t so much the number of questions you ask, but They Type of questions when you are trying to recruit the right type of person.  These questions are not so much questions you ask the people your recruit, but also yourself.

You also don’t want to get off topic or ask a vague recruiting question, But  you also, want to make sure that you are filtering out the people that are not a good fit.  Don’t be afraid to scare people off, in fact, I encourage that.  You typically will have to pass over 10-20 people to find a good fit.

You Want to Recruit Leadersrecruiting quesiton

Before I get into the questions you want to ask new recruits to help grow your business, lets set the stage first.

You want Lifters, and not leaners.  You want people that can help build your business, because they believe in you and your cause.  On the flip side, you want people that have potential and are still looking for growth potential.  You want Potential Leaders.

I don’t want to get off on too much of a tangent, but if you read John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Law #20, states

“To add growth, lead followers- To Multiply growth, Lead Leaders”

I think we can all agree if you understand this law up front, it becomes a lot easier when asking the right recruiting questions to grow your business.

Recruiting Questions

 Question #1. Do They Have the Ability to Produce Results

Sometimes it isn’t in your best interest to go after Established All-stars, Especially if you are just starting out in your first few years.

It makes more sense to bring in talent that has the ability to get results, and also has room to grow and develop.

If you make the mistake of getting someone that is really good, they will be more expensive, and probably more set in their ways. On the other hand, if you hire people that are not experienced, that is ok, as long as you have systems in place for training, and also, They have the ability to produce.

Question #2.  DO they Have Growth Potential and a Desire to Get Better?

I know this is almost 2 questions in itself, but they have to have the desire to grow and get better.  The desire is important and unfortunately, this can not be taught.  This is probably one of the hardest questions to really ask and get an honest answer, because everyone that wants to work for your will typically act like they have a desire to grow.  This is sometimes a hard question to ask yourself.

The easy way to find out, is ask them what type of growth plan they have?  What are some of their favorite books and Why?  Where do they hope to be in a few years?  Look for Clues.  Success Leaves a Trail.  Ask them about their past failures and successes.. IF they have overcome some pretty big challenges and are still accomplishing great things, you may have found your winner.

These people are the type that make things happen, they love challenges, and if something gets in their  way,

It’s Like Hannbal Says,  I will Find a Way or Make One.

Question #3.  Will They Add Value to Your Team?

This is probably the easiest question and most people know this one.  It is pretty obvious, but you have t make sure they are adding value where you need it, and also, in the area of their strength and your weakness.

There is another twist on this question that some people may not be aware of.
It doesn’t do you or your team any good, if the people you recruit have a ton of value, but can’t get along with your team.  IF they are not a team player, you may think that be good, and will be a good addition, but if they are not a team player, they may be great buy bring drama or even subtract value from your team.

Question #4.  Will they Have The Ability to Train and Raise Up Other Leaders?

This is often a recruiting question to ask that is overlooked.  Often we look for people to help us build our businesses, and we don’t think far enough into the future of that persons influence on future recruits.  When asking recruiting questions, ask if the recruit is the type of person that has to be told what to do, does what they need to do, or can influence others to also do what they are suppose to do.

You want to find people that can help influence others because they will become a powerful asset to your business and will help the business get  more things done.  It is great to have people that are getting things done without you telling them, but if they can’t influence others also, then their ability to lead is limited.

Question #5.  Do they Positively Influence Others.

Another Great recruiting question.  Everyone influences the people around them at one point or another.  You don’t want the people spreading gossip or drama.  You want people that are focused on their personal growth, the businesses growth, and their family’s growth.  Ask them what their plans are for the next few months, the next year.  Ask them what is the best thing that can happen from the relationship.  This will show you where their heart lies.  Ask them about their vision.  What is their purpose.  What is their dream.  If their dream includes helping other people, then you have your answer to this question.

If you want to Recruit Leaders, Here’s What You Do…

It starts with you.  IF You want to Recruit the best, you have to start becoming the best.  You can’t give what you don’t have.  People will do what people see.

This also falls into John Maxwell’s Law of Magnetism.  You will attract people similar to you.  So, if you want to be the type of person that attracts top talent, start growing into that person, and soon you will attract other similar minded people.

So if you want to become better at recruiting leaders, there is 2 things you need to do.

Get into leadership development, and build systems and processes to develop your teams leadership.

This will do two things.  It will help you raise your leadership lid, and it will also attract people that are interested in leadership training.  Don’t take this lightly.  IF you don’t make a conscious decision to build your leadership and raise up leaders around you, it will not happen, and you will more than likely build a team of followers.  People that just do what you tell them to.  Nothing more.

If You want to build a championship team, and that takes tact and a willingness to grow yourself also.

If you have any questions or want to hear more on this topic, Comment below, or schedule a Strategy Call and Let’s Talk!

I do Leadership Development Training based on John Maxwell’s Philosophies, and I have 6 courses that I can help train you or your team on.  I love talking about leadership and team work so schedule a strategy call if this sounds interesting to you.

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