How to Take Responsibility Like a Champion

The first step in personal development is learning how to take responsibility for your life. This simple act is the foundation of self-improvement and empowerment.  When you learn the reasons it is important for taking (social control), it makes it easier to understand this foundation principle that many people gloss completely over. Until you start taking on more responsibility in your life and business, you are stagnant in your growth with personal and business development. So, Take pride in the amount of responsibilities that you have, with great power comes great responsibilities, like Peter Parker’s Grandfather told him.

The Benefits of taking Responsibility for everything that happens in your life includes:

  • Eliminates the need for making excuses
  • Cuts down the Complaining
  • Kills the Victim mentality
  • Reduces arguing about whose fault a problem is
  • Gives the person power and control
  • Raises the person to a position of strength
  • Causes the forces of nature to Start working in your favor

You’re probably wondering why we are talking about a topic like this in marketing and business blog? 

Well, it is important for marketers and business owners to own up to their actions and results.

It doesn’t matters whose fault something is if you have an obligation to fix it.

My eyes were opened to this topic a few years back when I was taking a Workshop with Jack Canfield.  He was also speaking about the need to take responsibility before you do anything regarding self-development. 

If you don’t own all of your results, good or bad, then you will never be in control.  There will always be outside forces, or even excuses that you use, to escape the problems or situations that are happening in your life.

There is power in Taking Responsibility for everything that happens to you, good or bad

Now, it is clear the reasons for taking action to your duty as a business owner, marketer, or even a leader of your team.  How can you accomplish this?

I was blessed enough to get certified by Jack Canfield in this topic, and he has a handful of exercises that help with this, but the easiest one to use, the easiest one to incorporate into your life is his formula for taking responsibility.

E + R=O

Events in your life + YOUR Response = The Ultimate Outcome

Life is full of circumstances out of our control.  That is life.

Like Les Brown says all the time,


when you start doing good, Murphy’s Law will come around and smack you in the face.

There is nothing you can do about those things… We call those, the Events.  Events are just the good and the bad that happen in life.

You do have Control over your response to those events.  In fact, that is the only thing you have control over.  Taking control over your response to those events are how you can control the outcome of the events.  This formula is very easy to understand and apply when you think about it.  If you notice, the R has a sign in front of it.

Now, Jack Canfield never taught this little point to me, but I always looked at this formula like a Math Student.  If you notice, the formula has a Positive O for the answer.  So remember, and this is Crucial.  You always want to give a Positive Response, to get a Positive Outcome.

Now, this isn’t Jack’s formula, I am just making this up to prove a point, but this formula could also be changed up to look like this.  This is how most people deal with their problems and Events in their life.

E- R = -O

People do this all the time, and I’m guilty of it also.  Something happens, an Event,  and before we even stop to think about the outcome we want, we respond in a negative way…

And what happens?

We get a Negative outcome.

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. ~Abraham Lincoln

Think about this in business or even sports.  When you see a business event like a complaint, or someone who fails to make a payment, when you respond in a negative way, it always attracts more ill will in your direction.

When you see a team that is losing in a game, if they start fighting or arguing with each other, they usually never pull the game around to stand a fighting chance of coming back and winning.

I know from experience that this works,

and it is so hard to sometimes stop in the heat of the moment to actually think about what outcome you want,

but this is the trick, the key, the insider tip I want you to take away from this.

What outcome do you want?

For your Life, Your Business, Your marketing campaign, this big event that That You want In Your Life.

This is an Important First Step to take in developing your life and business.  What outcome do you want? If you can’t answer that, or if you don’t stop and think about it, and just give the animal instinct response,  you may not get the outcome that could have truly impacted your life.


Remember this.  Everything in life starts with Taking Responsibility.  It is what separates the Best from the Average.  The best in their field take responsibility for their results.  Average people make excuses.

Don’t give your power away.  Take ownership for everything in your life, good or bad.  When you do that, you will be amazed at what your mind will do to figure out a way to make the impossible happen.

If yo have any questions about how to Gain more Traction in your business…

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